Angelina Jolie Caught On Tape In Sleezy Drug Den! | Official HD Video – The Enquirer

Angelina Jolie In Dirty Drug Den! | NationAlenquirer WORLD EXCLUSIVE: ANGIE’s HEROIN & COCAINE SHAME In a bombshell exclusive, The ENQUIRER …


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  1. This clip is from 1999. She is in a historic NYC apartment, talking on the phone about taking care of her mom & Brother. She has always been this thin! If you listened to what she is actually saying you would KNOW she isn't on drugs smh. She is explaining the pros & cons of buying two homes or all living under one roof & paying one mortgage. NONE OF THAT would a drug head be debating.

    FYI Angie this video just shows you as a loving sister, daughter & friend even when you were just trying to make ends meet! I loved the insight proving your human ♡

  2. Why is that a sleazy drug den? With parquet floors, expensive heavy wooden chairs, a leather couch, video equipment, evian bottles–it looks like an apartment in NY, with high ceilings, in an older building? I also see no track marks. As far as the dealer goes, maybe what he says is true, but that is not here in this video, so we only have his word–the word of a man who sells drugs and sold this tape for cash.

  3. I pace sometimes when I'm engaged in a significant phone conversation.  So does my son.The conversation is odd though, she's not really saying anything.  Boring video.  She doesn't act like she's smacked out or wired though to me.  She sounds like whoever is on the other end, her dad (which she has a touchy relationship with), creates anxiety or stress for her.  My mom can make me feel that way many times.  And I have looked far worse than her here sometimes when I'm home and nobody's around to see my hair, messy makeup mismatched grungy slop clothes, smeared mascara.  Sometimes when home alone, I'm a total babe (not).  15 minutes later I can fix myself up and look great and go outside.  No biggie.

  4. Even if she did drugs during this video that used to be a troubled period of her life she has stated that she was very insecure, however doing drugs harms no one but yourself and she has done nothing but good to people by donations etc..So she can't be judged if she decides to hurt herself and help the humanity

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