Kim Kardashian Gets FLOUR BOMBED! | TMZ

Kim Kardashian was on the red carpet promoting her new perfume when she totally got FLOUR BOMBED… and somehow it sparked one of the BIGGEST TMZ …


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  1. PETA are the biggest hypocrites ever. Instead of putting animals for adoption they just kill them off. Fucking propaganda for celebrities to fee good about themselves.

  2. This was completely unacceptable. She was very nice for not doing anything. Yes wearing fur is awful, especially with the new technology we have that allows us to use other products. Sure we wore fur back then, but we have alternatives. That's like saying we should slit wrists because it was how we healed people back then.
    However Kim wasn't wearing fur in the moment.

  3. Who the FUCK cares? she didn't torture any animals. the shit was already made so someone was gonna buy it any way. and how is this any different than eating meat?
    let's not act like humans killing animals is SO SCANDALOUS now

  4. why are kardashian fans all retarded? they never have a justifiable reason when they get overly denfensive of these stupid bitches. they get mad call somebody a hater, jealous, or say about how they created their own fashion or make up line etc. for one nobody hates them out of jealousy there are plent of rich talented ppl to be jealous of they just dont deserve it. two they dnt create shit other ppl made their clothes and products then slapped their names on it bc retarded ass fans would buy it since this country loves to turn talentless spoiled women into celebrities. Tbh I hate that whole fuckin family they suck and have no talent, they def irritate me more with their shallow regards for nature and animals. selfish materialistic human beings who show women and girls sex,looks and gold digging is key to success and unfortunately it worked.

  5. So ugly bad comments on here …😷
    You guys are all jealous, on her and on her family . You all wish to have her financial status , so fuck off and leave her alone . She can wear what the fuck she wants.. 😌

  6. I'm happy that she got flour-bombed (probably should've thrown animal shit at her) she deserves it because those animals were all innocent and inhumanely slaughtered for it & skinned alive, I wish all the Kardahsians & Jenners went through the same suffering as animals to learn their fucking lesson BRUH!! 😒😒👎👎

  7. a lot of people are getting mad at people for wearing fur. when those same people wearing fur is eating meat. so them not wearing fur doesn't do too much for animals because they still eat meat.

  8. You are such an ashole..some people trying to be famous for doing this stupid will be more richer ..and you to someone who did it to her forever poor haha

  9. ahhhh haa ha ha ha, aww thats so funny, i fuckin hate her and her dick head husband kanye, and their pals Beyoncé n jay z, actually anyone who wears fur, but especially the celebs. ..bunch of fuckin wankstains they really are, they should hsve thrown a cement breeze block over her dipshit fucking head n done the job properly 🙂

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