My Top 10 Wii Games (Outdated June 30, 2009) New list in description

This is my old list! Go watch my new list. The new list is from June 30, 2009 and games before that date.

Here is the reason I chose each video in their order and why.

My Top 10 Wii Games:
Number 10- Excite Truck:
I chose Excite truck number 10 because it was the first game (besides Wii Sports) that I had for the Wii. I played it for a long time and really liked the game. I unlocked every truck in the game and their alternate custom. You can listen to music from your SD card while you race. You can also use the infamous Wii Wheel for this game. The game play of the game is awesome and easy just like Mario Kart wii.

Number 9-Mario Strikers Charged:
The reason I chose this game number 9 is because just playing the game is easy and the controls are very comfortable. Once you get the hang of the game it’s really fun to play it. The bad thing about this game is that it’s better to play online with your friends and not with anyone because people online cheat. Besides that is an awesome game.

Number 8- Super Paper Mario:
I chose Super Paper Mario for number 8 because you can play the game 2 ways, 3D and 2D. This is the first time you can play a Mario game in two dimensions. The game play is awesome and you can use 4 characters in this game, Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser. Every character has their unique skill. The adventure is great and your partner’s powers are awesome. In this game of Paper Mario you just jump or do something else on your opponents and that’s it. All you do here is just attack like other Mario games.

Number 7- Wii Fit:
I chose Wii Fit number 7 because this game is not like other games that you just play with the controller and stay sitting down. This game is good for your health and helps you with you BMI. This game has 40 miny games for you to try out plus it comes with the NEW Wii Balance board. This game is the first game of to help you with your health. You can Jog, play with a hula hoop, snow board, Dance, do Yoga etc.

Number 6- Guitar Hero III:
I chose Guitar Hero III for this position because the game at first is hard but when you get thing of it it’s really a GREAT game. The new wireless guitar also is a better feature for the game play. The songs are awesome so is the online.

Number 5- Metroid Prime 3:
I chose this game Number 5 because this game was the best in the Metroid series and the game play is truly the best I’ve seen for 1st person shooter. The Story line is awesome and to play was a blast from beginning to end.

Number 4- Super Mario Galaxy:
I chose this game number 4 because this game is INCREDIBLE! With just the Wiimote and Nunchuck the game is incredible and the adventure is great. The new gravity thing for the game was a great idea. You can jump of walls and walk on small planets.

Number 3- Mario Kart Wii:
This game is the best game for online game play. It has no lag, no delay and you can connect with anyone easily. It finds people really fast and people can’t cheat online like Mario Strickers Charged. In this game you can use your Mii besides the other 24 characters that are already in the game. The new stages are just amazing and the new feature “jump combos” are awesome. If you play this game and then play an older version you will feel the difference between having to do jump combos and not doing them. Besides, doing it feels really good. There are also the online tournaments and you can invite your Wii friends. You can send ghost data and see the leader boards. Plus this game includes the Mario Kart Channel for your Wii menu. The new feature of motorcycles is great. I love the motorcycles. The game is awesome.

Number 2- Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess:
I chose this game number 2 because just watching the videos of the game brings me great memories of when I played the game. The game story is the best and longest of the Zelda series. The Wiimote new features are awesome and it’s a game you would want to play for a good time.

NUMBER 1- Super Smash Bros. Brawl:
I chose this game my favorite because even after 5 month after the release I still play the game as if every day it was new. The Story, challenges, videos, stage builder, online everything is INCREDIBLE! The only bad thing about the online game play is that most of the time is lag full or delay full. But besides that the game is still a must buy.

All clips used for this video belong to Nintendo.


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