Remove Soda From Your Daily Menu

Soda pop is a popular drink among almost every age group. Most soda pop drinks contain more sugar than some candy bars. Besides causing you to gain weight at a rocket speed, soda drinks can also push your body closer to diabetes and other medical problems, especially if you drink a lot of it. Studies on childhood obesity have found that one of the biggest causes for weight gain in children is soda pop.
Plan of action:

1) If you can’t say “no” to soda drinks right away, reduce the amount of soda you drink daily. If you have an irresistible craving, only have one soda pop, or buy the half sized cans and only drink one.

2) Make a list of your favorite drinks (cross out soda pop!) and keep it handy. Whenever you feel like drinking soda, pick another drink from the list – and go for it.

3) Whether at home or at work, keep bottled water handy. Have a bottle of water in your office, several in the car and at home. Water helps make your skin look fresh and smooth like never before. Stay hydrated.

4) Don’t go with the crowd; avoid that soda pop machine at your office.  Chat with your colleges about healthy lifestyle with a bottle of water in your hand and tell them how many pounds you got rid of since last week.

5) Don’t let your child have the 75¢ every day to buy a pop at lunch.  Replace soda pop at dinner with milk, or, better yet, water.

6) If you need the caffeine, switch to black coffee. It is sure to wake you up in the morning and will keep you going during the work day as well. Do not overdo here though: it is recommended to drink no more than two cups of coffee a day.

7) Celebrate! Every time you say “no” to soda pop, you make a healthy choice that will help you live a longer and happier life. Reward yourself with healthy snacks or a walk in the park.

Stick to this plan of action and you are sure to be on the way to losing those extra pounds before you know it. Moreover, you will look younger and feel better.

What else can you wish for?

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