5 Obesity Advantages – How is Obesity a Good Thing?


Is obesity a good thing and how is obesity a good thing? It may sound odd and contrary to general beliefs but there are some obesity advantages out there. A few of these can’t be met while at normal weight or even overweight. Let’s find out what these five obesity advantages are.

1) Certain types of work are only catered to the obese:

There are jobs where an obese individual is suited for more than a normal weight person or someone who’s just overweight. An example of this could be an acting job. Say there’s a story with a character who’s obese playing a big part. The only person who’ll probably fill the role of that character is… someone who’s obese.

2) Stronger Bones/Muscles:

This can be considered as one of the advantages of obesity. The reason being that any attempt at exercising, even a casual walk can contribute to this. Certain gym activities such as lifting weights also help with obese people having strong bones and muscles.

3) More warmth is possible:

This is due to the excessive body fat alleviating heat loss from an obese person’s body into the air especially in cold environments. The fat has a tendency to keep some blood from getting closest to the skin where it can lose heat rapidly. This is why excessive clothing is worn, to trap body heat for constant warmth. As an extension to point 2 above, putting on more muscle provides a similar benefit where it can be a heat source while exercising and provide great insulation while resting.

4) Size… does it matter?

This seems to be more of a feature than one of the advantages of obesity but there are some people who are proud of their hugeness and put it to some use. That makes it an advantage for them.

5) Even the obese can lose weight:

The most important when it comes to obesity advantages is that the weight can be lost. It’s more important than all the previous advantages listed combined. Even overriding the disadvantages of obesity but only if this losing weight obesity advantage is consistently applied. Obesity mostly results from consuming more calories than required consistently. The excessive weight can be lost over a period of time by frequently burning more calories through exercise while not consuming more calories than your body needs.

Obviously if you aren’t obese and are at normal weight its way more beneficial health wise to keep yourself that way. Exercise and healthy eating are still essential for maintaining a healthy body. Of all the obesity advantages listed, number 5 is the most important. If you don’t bring your weight down significantly, many health dangers resulting from obesity will set in sooner or later.


Source by Sivadi Kisho

Target Is Trying to Come For Trader Joe’s With New $5 Wine Line


The days of wine-ing over expensively priced wine are officially over.

Target has released a line of $5 wines just in time to get you through the holiday season. With five varieties available, you can choose between chardonnay, pinot grigio, moscato, cabernet sauvignon and a red blend.

Even better? Your friends will hardly be able to tell you spent just a few dollars on wine to a dinner party because of the artistically crafted California Roots label—and the great taste of course.

The red blend and chardonnay have the highest alcohol percentage at 13.5% and sound pretty tasty, with the red blend tasting of “smooth berry and cherry flavors with hints of spice offer the perfect antidote to the workweek.”

The store even suggests great pairings to try with the California Roots wine, such as a dinner of crisp green salads and fresh fish with a glass of their pinot grigio.

Even though it is a whole three dollars more than the Trader Joe‘s “Two Buck Chuck,” they are definitely going to give the Charles Shaw brand a run for its money.

And don’t worry about rushing to the store, this deal is here to stay for good.


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