Bob Weinstein slams disgraced brother Harvey, calls him a ‘predator’


Bob Weinstein dubbed his brother, Harvey, a “predator” and said he hoped the disgraced Hollywood producer “gets the justice that he deserves.”

Bob Weinstein, 62, who founded Weinstein Co. with his brother Harvey, 65, told The Hollywood Reporter in an intense interview released Saturday morning the situation was “a waking nightmare.”

“I find myself in a waking nightmare. My brother has caused unconscionable suffering. As a father of three girls I say this with every bone in my body — I am heartbroken for the women that he has harmed. I’m a fighter,” Weinstein told The Hollywood Reporter.


“This hurts, but I don’t feel an ounce of remorse coming from him, and that kills me too,” he continued. “When I heard his written, lame excuse. Not an excuse. When I heard his admission of feeling remorse for the victims and then him cavalierly, almost crazily saying he was going to go out and take on the NRA, it was so disturbing to me. It was utter insanity. My daughters all felt sick hearing this because we understood he felt nothing. I don’t feel he feels anything to this day. I don’t.”           

Harvey Weinstein came under fire after The New York Times released an expose on Oct. 5 that detailed decades of sexual harassment allegations made against the Hollywood producer by actresses and employees. On Tuesday, the New Yorker reported the movie mogul had sexually assaulted three women.

This combination photo shows Harvey Weinstein arrives at the Oscars in Los Angeles on Feb. 28, 2016, left, and his brother Bob Weinstein at the premiere of "Sin City," in Los Angeles on March 28, 2005. Harvey Weinstein was fired Sunday by the Weinstein Co., the studio he co-founded with his brother Bob, after a bombshell New York Times expose alleged decades of crude sexual behavior on his part toward female employees and actresses. (AP Photo/File)

Bob Weinstein (left) said he and his brother Harvey have not had a relationship for years.


Following the bombshell allegations, a number of A-list stars came out to condemn the producer and some, such as Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, told their own uncomfortable experiences with Weinstein.

When The Hollywood Reporter asked Bob how he did not know of his brother’s misconduct, Weinstein said he had spoken to Harvey only a few times “on any personal level” in the last five years. However, Bob said he was aware of Harvey “philandering with every woman he could meet.”

“I was sick and disgusted by his actions. But that’s the extent of what [I knew]. I said, “Harvey, you’re just cheating. Why do you constantly cheat?” I could see it. But I wasn’t in the room with him,” Bob Weinstein said.

“For me, I thought he was literally just going out there cheating in a pervasive way,” Bob said. “It wasn’t like he even had a mistress. It was one after another and that I was aware of. But as far as being in a room and hearing the description in “The New York Times?” No way. No f—–g way was I aware that that was the type of predator that he was. And the way he convinced people to do things? I thought they were all consensual situations.”

“I have a brother that’s indefensible and crazy,” Bob said. “I want him to get the justice that he deserves.”

Bob went on to say his brother was a “bully,” “arrogant” and “treated people like s—t all the time.”

Bob said employees would come into his office in tears due to something Harvey said to them.

On Sunday, Harvey was fired from the Weinstein Company. Bob confirmed he was on the board that fired his brother. Harvey planned to fight the firing.


“Anybody can do what they want to do. I cannot control other people’s actions. But he was fired by the board, okay? I was on that board. I fired him. He can fight. It will be a losing fight,” Weinstein said.

Weinstein said he was going to change the company’s name and he was still planning on the future of the studio’s shares.

Bob Weinstein told the media outlet he was personally going to write a letter to the Academy to get Harvey booted and would be cooperating with police in their investigation.

Weinstein concluded that he felt “mortified” and “disgusted” by Harvey’s actions and he was “sick” for the victims.

“I’m mortified and disgusted by my brother’s actions. And I am sick for the victims. And I feel for them. I feel for them.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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Rose McGowan calls out Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, as head of Amazon studio suspended over sex harassment claims


The Harvey Weinstein scandal has spilled over to, of all places, Amazon, with Weinstein’s main accuser Rose McGowan calling out Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and the head of the company’s studio getting suspended after sexual harassment accusations from a TV producer.

In a string of fiery tweets, McGowan said she repeatedly warned Amazon about “HW” and “begged” the company not to work with the movie mogul but was told by an unnamed studio executive that “it hadn’t been proven.”

The actress also alleged Amazon Studios killed a show she planned to write and direct after she heard “a Weinstein bailout was in the works.”

“I forcefully begged studio head to do the right thing,” McGowan tweeted. “I was ignored. Deal was done. Amazon won a dirty Oscar.”

Amazon said the company is “reviewing our options for our projects we have with the Weinstein Company.” 

Meanwhile, an Amazon rep told Variety and TheWrap Thursday night that Amazon Studios head Roy Price was a “on leave of absence effective immediately.” The suspension came after a report from Deadline that Price was facing punishment.

Price’s reported suspension came after Isa Hackett, a producer for Amazon’s “The Man in the High Castle,” told The Hollywood Reporter that he repeatedly propositioned her at a company party in July 2015.

Hackett said that Price started making lewd comments during a cab ride to the party — and continued even after she told him she’s a lesbian with a wife and children, the magazine reported. At one point, Hackett claimed that Price told her: “You will love my d–k.”

Hackett claimed Price did not stop once they arrived at the party and even approached her and loudly said “Anal sex!” in her ear.

Hackett reported the incidents to studio executives who brought in investigators to look further into the allegations, The Hollywood Reporter added. Hackett said she was never made aware of the outcome but also said she never saw Price at any more events.

Many celebrities have come forward in recent days to share their stories about inappropriate behavior in the industry.

Last week, The New York Times reported Weinstein had been paying off women who accused him of sexual harassment for decades. On Tuesday, the New Yorker released an expose revealing Weinstein allegedly raped three women. Many actresses, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashley Judd, Kate Beckinsale and Angelina Jolie have spoken out about their experiences with Weinstein’s alleged inappropriate behavior.


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Prince Harry calls for regular HIV and Aids testing


Prince Harry receives a posthumous Attitude Legacy Award on behalf of his mother DianaImage copyright

Image caption

The award was presented by Ian Walker and Julian La Bastide, who had both met the princess

Prince Harry has paid tribute to his late mother’s work in raising awareness of HIV and Aids, and urged more people to “embrace regular testing”.

The prince was speaking at the Attitude magazine awards, where Princess Diana was posthumously honoured with the Legacy award, 20 years after her death.

Prince Harry said if his mother were still alive, she would be “standing alongside” those living with HIV.

The prince collected the award on Thursday night on her behalf.

In April 1987, Princess Diana opened the UK’s first purpose built HIV/Aids unit that exclusively cared for patients infected with the virus, at London Middlesex Hospital.

In front of the world’s media, she shook the hand of a man suffering with the illness.

She did so without gloves, publicly challenging the stigma and notion that HIV/Aids was passed from person to person by touch.

“She knew that Aids was one of the things that many wanted to ignore and seemed like a hopeless challenge,” he told the awards ceremony in London.

“She knew that the misunderstanding of this relatively new disease was creating a dangerous situation when mixed with homophobia.

“So, when, that April [in 1987], she took the hand of a 32-year-old man with HIV, in front of the cameras, she knew exactly what she was doing.”

Image copyright
Getty Images

Image caption

Princess Diana visiting the London Lighthouse, a centre for people affected by HIV in October 1996

The prince said he and his brother, the Duke of Cambridge, were “incredibly proud of what our mother achieved”.

If she were still alive, he said she “would be demanding” free and available testing and treatment for people all across the world.

“I believe that she would be telling everyone across society – not just those most at risk – that with effective treatment being free and available in the UK, that we must all embrace regular testing – both for our own sake and for those that we love,” he added.

As he accepted the award, the publication unveiled its new, limited edition magazine cover featuring a black-and-white photograph of Diana by Patrick Demarchelier.

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SonicCloud raises $4M to bake a hearing aid into phone calls through an app


One night in Larry Guterman’s freshman year, he was at a loud party in a gym — and ended up with what he says was “ferocious” ringing in his ears afterward. But trip after trip to an audiologist, he said, came up without helpful results even though his hearing seemed to be headed south. Then, one day, he said he picked up the iPhone and listened to the speakers. “I said wow, speakers are getting way better, why not just take the functionality of a hearing aid and stick it on the phone?”

Then, one day, he said he picked up the iPhone and listened to the speakers. “I said wow, speakers are getting way better, why not just take the functionality of a hearing aid and stick it on the phone?” That today has turned into SonicCloud, a startup geared toward taking the same signal processing technology that’s improved over time in the mobile era and apply it to help people who are hard of hearing be able to take phone calls on their phones. The company said it has raised $4 million in financing from a batch of angels including Ian Hogarth, the co-founder of SongKick.

“The first time I met [Guterman] was over a phone call, and Larry was talking to me normally because he was using a prototype he had built for SonicCloud,” co-founder Sachin Khanna said.
“The next time I met him face to face in a quiet environment. I was amazed by how profound his hearing loss was. When I went and met the audiologist [with his audiogram] they gave me a look and said, ‘can this person talk on the phone.’ The majority of the audiologists within the first few seconds would say [Guterman] needed a cochlear implant. After [telling them we talked over the phone] they would do is give me a blank stare as if I were a lunatic.”

As you walk down the street in an urban environment, you’ll probably see a majority of the people wearing some kind of earbud — whether that’s something tethered to their phone, or a wireless earbud like the AirPod, or something in between. Right now Guterman hopes that they can tap into the hardware that those people are wearing to go after hearing loss and help improve their general quality of life.

The goal is to boil down the introduction to the app — and figuring out a person’s specific hearing profile — to something much more approachable. When they start up the app, they’ll be asked a series of questions and to tune various sounds to zones where they can understand what the person is saying on the other end. That can be as simple as sliding up and down on a screen until a “Sh” or “Sph” sound becomes sharp enough to hear, even for someone with hearing issues.

By taking the approach through an app on a smartphone, Guterman and Khanna hope to pick off some of the basic problems that hearing-impaired people have — such as having trouble being able to understand what someone is saying over the phone during an interview. SonicCloud tries to tune its algorithms specifically to each person’s hearing patterns, and figure out at what specific ranges people are having trouble even if those ranges on the spectrum are very small. Right now, the service is also basically a fully operational online calling service.

“We built a voice calling service on steroids, we sometimes call it Skype on steroids,” Guterman said. “On top of that, we layered on a service that can process speech. When you’re interviewing for a job on the phone and you can’t understand the difference between yes and no — and forget about jury duty, even — there are so many things that are impacted and are at stake. The impact is often for people who withdraw and become isolated and not talk on the phone.”

Khanna and Guterman started working on SonicCloud shortly after raising a seed round at the end of 2015. Since then, advances in technology on the actual device — whether that’s the new A11 Bionic chip in the iPhone 8 and iPhone X or the incremental changes since then — have offered new opportunities to do the kinds of calculations necessary to produce a proper signal for people hard of hearing. For now, the operations are done in the cloud, but it doesn’t seem like a stretch to see some technology like this happening closer to the device as power improves over time.

There are still a lot of attempts at different ways to approach the problem of hearing impairment. Apple is working with Australian-based Cochlear to bring one of the first hearing aids made for the iPhone. It still remains to be seen if this is a problem that can be solved at the technical level, but for now, Guterman hopes that they’ll find a way to figure out a replacement for hearing aids that can cost tens of thousands of dollars.


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Robert Rodriguez Calls Harvey Weinstein’s Behavior ‘Truly Disgusting’ – Variety


Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez has spoken out about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment allegations.

Rodriguez has a long history with Weinstein’s company Miramax and was previously in a relationship with Rose McGowan, who said she was assaulted by Weinstein in 1997.

“I find the behavior of Harvey Weinstein truly disgusting, both what he did and how he covered his tracks, and it makes me wonder how many others can’t come forward and tell their full story because of legal and personal intimidation,” Rodriguez said in a statement obtained by Variety. “His repulsive behavior was an abuse of power. Thankfully, he’s now discovering what true power is.”

Rodriguez worked with the Weinstein’s and Miramax on a number of his films, including “The Spy Kids” series, “Roadracers,” “Four Rooms,” “From Dusk Til Dawn,” and “Sin City.”

The New York Times reported that McGowan reached a $1000,000 settlement with Weinstein after an encounter in a hotel room during the 1997 Sundance Film Festival.

On Tuesday, she launched a petition to dissolve the board of the Weinstein Company following reports that the indie film studio plans to change the name of the company in wake of the scandal. “TWC You don’t get to change your company name & be done with it,” she wrote on Twitter. “Every man there has the blood of sorrow on their hands. You are dirty.”


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One of Liberia’s main parties calls for halt to election results


MONROVIA (Reuters) – One of Liberia’s leading political parties called for a halt in announcing the result of Tuesday’s presidential election, citing irregularities in the vote.

The Liberty Party, whose candidate Charles Brumskine was considered a front-runner to take over from Nobel Peace Prize winner Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, said it would consider taking legal action if the National Elections Commission (NEC) did not act on its demands.

The NEC was originally expected to release preliminary results on Thursday.

“The Liberty Party is deeply troubled by the discovery of numerous incidents of irregularities and fraud that occurred during the elections,” Liberty Party national chairman Benjamin Sanvee said in a statement.

“We are calling on NEC to immediately halt further announcements of election results. If NEC does not cooperate with our request, we will take the appropriate legal action,” he said.

Police officers stand guard at National Election Commission headquarters in Monrovia, Liberia October 11, 2017. REUTERS/Thierry Gouegnon

He did not give specific evidence of voter fraud and it was unclear what kind of activity could have altered Tuesday’s vote.

An NEC spokesman told Reuters that it was unaware of the Liberty Party’s complaint and did not say whether the commission believed illegal acts occurred.

On election day, materials including ballot boxes arrived late in some locations and some people struggled to find their names on voter rolls, witnesses said, but there was so far no evidence that this was linked to illicit activity.

Any irregularities would taint the results of an election expected to mark the first democratic transfer of power in over seven decades in a country haunted by a civil war that ended nearly 15 years ago.

Liberia, Africa’s oldest modern republic, was founded by freed U.S. slaves in 1847 but its last democratic power transfer dates back to 1943.

Johnson Sirleaf, Africa’s first elected female president, won a surprise victory in 2005 following a post-war transition. She was re-elected in 2011 but is barred from seeking another term.

Reporting By Alphonso Toweh; writing by Edward McAllister; editing by Jonathan Oatis


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Kim Kardashian Calls Caitlyn Jenner ”Shady” & ”Not a Good Person” Over O.J. Simpson Story in Her Book: ”She Is a Liar!”


Caitlyn Jenner has landed herself in hot water once again. In this preview from Sunday’s premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian finds out some controversial things Cait has included in her memoir.

“It says in Caitlyn’s book Robert Kardashian knew O.J. Simpson was guilty but joined the defense team to get back at his remarried ex,” Kim reads aloud to her sisters. “Robert told Caitlyn in secret after the O.J. murder trial that he believed his friend was guilty.” “That’s not true. Like, what?” Khloe Kardashian says.

Kim Kardashian Calls Caitlyn Jenner ''Shady'' & ''Not a Good Person'' Over O.J. Simpson Story in Her Book: ''She Is a Liar!''
Kim Kardashian Calls Caitlyn Jenner ”Shady” & ”Not a Good Person” Over O.J. Simpson Story in Her Book: ”She Is a Liar!”

“Dad so believed in him,” Kim adds. “Like to sell a book, you’re gonna make something up?” Kourtney Kardashian reacts. “It is so shady that Caitlyn came over and gave me the book and then on the phone she said, ‘Well, the final version has a few more things in it.

But don’t worry, it’s nothing about you.’ So she lied to me because that is about me if it’s about our dad,” Kim says, later adding, “If you talk about my dad I will cut you.” “I have always had Caitlyn’s back,” a saddened Kim says. “She is a liar. She is not a good person.”


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Marlon Wayans Echoes LeBron on Trump, Calls Prez ‘A**hole Kid in the Sandbox’


Marlon Wayans

LeBron’s Right …

Trump’s the ‘A**hole Kid in the Sandbox’

9/23/2017 4:02 PM PDT


Marlon Wayans agrees with LeBron James — going to the White House is no longer an honor now that Donald Trump‘s in office … and his dis-invitation to the Golden State Warriors was BS.

The “Marlon” star blasted the Prez at LAX Saturday, referring to him as the “a**hole kid” in the sandbox who tells everyone they can’t come to his party … even though nobody wanted to go in the first place.

Funny stuff, but Wayans is more hilarious when our guy asks him about Suge Knight suggesting Tupac might still be alive.

As we reported … Trump went on the attack against Steph Curry Saturday morning and withdrew an invite to the W.H. for his team, not long after bashing “son of a bitch” NFL players for kneeling during the National Anthem.

LeBron was having none of it.


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Mark Ruffalo calls for Donald Trump to be removed from office as he marches against white supremacy


Mark Ruffalo called for President Trump to be removed from office during a march against white supremacy.

The “Hulk” actor was among activists marching from Charlottesville, Virginia, to the nation’s capital to condemn white supremacy sentiments recently on display in the Virginia city.

The actor tweeted photos of himself Thursday at “The March to Confront White Supremacy.”

In a since-deleted tweet captured by Breitbart, Ruffalo said he is “marching because a central demand of this march is for Donald Trump to be removed from office following his statement supporting white supremacists and neo-Nazis.”

In a statement, Ruffalo said he’s marching in memory of Heather Heyer, who died when a car plowed into a group of people protesting the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville on Aug. 12. Ruffalo also condemned Trump’s response that “both sides” were to blame for the violence.

Ruffalo says there’s “no place for racism, violence, and hatred” in the country.

Organizers said they had to stop Wednesday’s portion of the march early because they received threats of an armed person waiting for them further along the route.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.



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