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Amitabh Bachchan birthday special: Candid family pictures


TNN| Niyati Budhiraja | October 11, 2017

Amitabh Bachchan birthday special: Candid family pictures

1/8Amitabh Bachchan birthday special: Candid family pictures

Amitabh Bachchan is an evergreen actor who is loved by his fans since time for decades now. The veteran has fans of all ages and in all parts of the world. The actor, who gave Hindi cinema a face to ‘the angry young man’, has turned 75 today. The ‘102 Not Out’ actor has given Bollywood various blockbusters one can binge watch. He’s that husband any wife could kill to have and that father any child would look up to. Apart from being loved for the kind of work he does onscreen, Big B is loved for his generosity, kind-heartedness, and warmth towards people off screen too. On account of his birthday, here are some candid pictures of their family. by Niyati Budhiraja

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Fox News Poll: Candid? Yes. Presidential? Not so much. Voters describe Trump


President Donald Trump says what he thinks — a majority agrees on that.  Maybe that’s part of the reason most don’t call him presidential.

The latest Fox News Poll asks voters how well several words and phrases apply to the president. 

Trump is most defined by the “says what he thinks” trait.  More than 8-in-10 voters think that describes him “extremely” or “very” well (81 percent).

The only other term a majority agrees fits is “bully” (53 percent).

In addition, many say “outsider” (44 percent) and “unstable” (44 percent) describe the president well.


Fewer voters, about one-third, assign the clearly positive terms “competent” (35 percent), “strong leader” (35 percent), and “problem solver” (32 percent). 

Three-in-10 say “knowledgeable” (31 percent), “honest” (30 percent), and “steady leader” (30 percent) define the president well. 

Voters are least likely to call Trump “presidential” (25 percent), “moral leader” (25 percent), and “compassionate” (26 percent).

“For past presidents, the traits that correlate most powerfully with increased support are ‘strong leader’ and ‘compassionate,’” says Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducts the Fox News Poll with Democratic counterpart Chris Anderson.

“Trump gets points for candor, but he needs to convince more people he is strong and empathetic.”

Four other positive traits don’t fit Trump in the least, over half of voters say: “presidential” (56 percent), “moral leader” (55 percent), “compassionate” (53 percent), and “steady leader” (53 percent) — apply to him “not at all.”

“The country’s faced two crises recently, with the racial violence in Charlottesville and Hurricane Harvey in Houston,” says Anderson. 

“So far, voters see Trump as sorely lacking the strong, compassionate, moral leadership necessary in these difficult times.”

Among Trump voters, he gets his highest marks for “says what he thinks” (93 percent describes well), “strong leader” (74 percent), and “competent” (73 percent).

He’s most defined among those who backed Hillary Clinton as “bully” (83 percent describes well), “unstable” (78 percent), and “says what he thinks” (70 percent).

The Fox News poll is based on landline and cellphone interviews with 1,006 randomly chosen registered voters nationwide and was conducted under the joint direction of Anderson Robbins Research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R) from August 27-29, 2017.  The poll has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points for all registered voters.


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Sussanne Khan shares candid clicks of her son – AbRam to Azad Rao Khan: Cute star kids of Bollywood


Amrita Arora and her girl gang- Kareena Kapoor Khan, Malaika Arora, and Karisma Kapoor undoubtedly rule social media with their envious posts. And the most active of them all is Amrita. Be it their parties, luncheons or gym sessions, she often treats fans with interesting pictures. Apart from that, her sons Azaan and Rayaan are constant features on her Instagram page. The yummy mummy recently shared a candid picture of the family, and captioned it, “My squad #familyguys”. The family seems to be in high spirits and having a gala time together. Amrita tied the knot with businessman Shakeel Ladak in 2009.

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‘Fixer Upper’ star Chip Gaines gets candid on his marriage to Joanna: ‘She is truly fascinating to me’


What’s the secret behind Chip and Joanna Gaines’ lasting marriage? According to the “Fixer Upper” star, the answer is surprisingly simple.

“Trust,” wrote Chip in an essay for Country Living published Wednesday. “I trust her when it comes to our kids, our business, our show, our home, our projects. All of it. Joanna has great instincts, great ideas and an eye that can’t be beat.

“She is truly fascinating to me in every area of our life together, and I could rattle off at least ninety things that she’s the best at and that I’ve learned from her, but honestly trust, above all else, is the key. She has my back. And I have hers — in all things.”

The HGTV personalities were married in 2003 and share four children together. And while the duo are often busy managing a thriving remodeling business, as well as a popular reality TV series, Chip insisted it’s their bond that has kept them close over the years, both personally and professionally.

“Jo also has taught me a lot about vision,” he explained. “It’s easy to walk into a fixer-upper and get overwhelmed by the work to be done. But if you can take a step back and choose to see the potential of a space instead of its problems, you can really begin envisioning what that space could be and how it can bring your family’s dreams to life.”

Joanna isn’t the only one inspiring Chip these days. He added their children give him hope of what the future will bring for the family.

“Drakey is forward-thinking like I’ve never seen. He’s an innovator,” he said. “Someday he’s going to change the world. I believe that. Ella is so imaginative and creative. She gets that from her mom.

“Duke is kind and compassionate. He makes friends faster than anyone I’ve ever met. And Emmie Kay is sweet, and she’s also bold and a bit of a firecracker. She isn’t afraid to be different or to stick out. In fact, she welcomes it.”


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‘Vampire Diaries’ star Nina Dobrev gets candid on going makeup-free, current politic climate: ‘It scares me’


Most stars would think twice about going makeup-free for People Magazine’s annual “Most Beautiful” issue — but Nina Dobrev didn’t mind it one bit.

“Young girls see this image and think that’s what they should be and that’s how they should wake up,” the 28-year-old actress told Ocean Drive. “That’s one of the main reasons I wanted to be a part of that issue and [was] especially proud to represent the section [with no makeup on]. I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis. I try to reflect that on my social media too.”

However, “The Vampire Diaries” star admitted she sometimes does need help to look camera-ready. Still, Dobrev isn’t afraid to show fans that having fame and success in Hollywood doesn’t make anyone perfect.

“I get pimples and zits all the time and I deal with them just like anybody else, with zit cream,” she explained. “Sometimes I walk out of the house with the zit cream and forget about it.

“And that’s just life, it’s unpredictable and awkward and we all feel insecure all the time, but that’s completely normal and okay and everybody has good days and bad days. It’s especially important now to show young girls that and to make them aware that they are perfect exactly the way they are.”

However, the one thing Dobrev is stressing over these days is the current political climate — which could explain the sudden breakouts.

“I keep expecting to wake up and find out that it’s not real,” she said. “It’s a very unstable political climate at the moment and it scares me to see the negative repercussions that will come as a result of all the work that’s been done — especially with the environment, the way it is in its fragile state, seeing the direction that it’s going in, and the decisions that are being made in the White House. The decisions that the administration makes at the moment affect the world, not just the country.”

Nobrev is trying to focus on her work as an actress. She even credited an unlikely source for inspiring her to stay motivated.

“I didn’t know it at the time, but [gymnastics] was definitely great training for the path that I did choose [because of] the regimen, determination, and persistence that you have to have,” said Dobrev. “It prepared me for the rejection, and [taught me] to keep going further and working hard, to not take no for an answer. I grew thick skin in gymnastics and event thicker skin as an actress.”


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Playboy’s Cooper Hefner gets candid on President Trump: ‘We don’t respect the guy’


At age 25, Cooper Hefner has assumed creative control over Playboy, the iconic brand his father Hugh Hefner launched 64 years ago — and he has plenty of ideas for the magazine’s future.

For starters, Hefner successfully brought back nudity to the men’s lifestyle publication earlier this year after it stopped featuring nude pictorials in 2015.

“There was a lack of understanding of who we are,” he told The Hollywood Reporter about the decision previously made by then-CEO Scott Flanders to remove nudity in hopes of becoming more mainstream. “Nudity hadn’t been the problem — it was how it’d been presented.”

But one person readers won’t see in the magazine anytime soon is President Donald Trump. The 71-year-old was previously interviewed by Playboy in 1990. And while Trump has great respect for Cooper’s father, the feeling doesn’t seem to be mutual.

“We don’t respect the guy,” said Cooper. “There’s a personal embarrassment because Trump is somebody who has been on our cover.”

Cooper even noted that he considered running for office, but believed his affiliation with an adult entertainment company would make him unelectable. However, he did join the California State Military Reserve in January. Hugh served two years in the U.S. Army towards the end of World War II.

“I’m a liberal, and I have a real issue with the conservative side feeling like they own the military,” he explained.

Another thing fans won’t see again is the hit reality TV series “The Girls Next Door,” which aired on E! from 2005 until 2010. Cooper insisted the series was “demeaning” and damaged the company’s reputation.

“[The show] collected a young audience, but didn’t do a good job of conveying how Playboy is both playful and sophisticated,” he explained.

These days, Cooper is determined to make Playboy thrive for a new generation of readers. Hugh, now 91, has kept himself out of the public eye as he deals with back woes. He also doesn’t want to be photographed strolling with his walker or fiddling with hearing aids.

Still Hugh is actively involved in sharing periodic notes to his son about the magazine.

“It’s tough to watch him struggle, but I’m just happy it’s physical and not mental,” added Cooper.

Playboy model Bridget Marquardt, who was once the girlfriend of Hugh and one of the stars of “The Girls Next Door,” told Australia’s “The Morning Show” in July that she hasn’t heard from her ex in years.

The Playboy founder sees things differently.

“To be frank with you, this is a bit silly,” a rep for Hugh told Fox News at the time. “Hef holds nothing, but the fondest memories of his time spent with Bridget and he continues to wish her all the best in her new life.”


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Pic: Shahid Kapoor lands a loving peck on wife Mira Rajput’s cheek – Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput’s candid pictures


Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput are having the time of their lives as they holiday in London. The much-in-love couple is in the city to celebrate their daughter Misha’s first birthday, which happens to be on August 26, 2017. Ahead of the special day, Shahid and Mira managed to spend some quality time together and their latest photo on the former’s Instagram account is a testimony to it. Shahid is lovingly holding his wife by her neck and is seen planting a kiss on her cheeks, while Mira is staring into the camera and flashing her beautiful smile. Shahid captioned the picture as, “My heart.”

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Molly Sims gets candid about her fertility struggles: ‘I don’t want it to be some dirty little secret’


Molly Sims is a proud mother of three children who has never kept quiet about her fertility woes.

“I think now it’s much more open, but I think it’s open because people are talking about it,” the 44-year-old model told Closer Weekly Thursday. “It’s not an easy path, and I think a lot of it is hidden, and there are a lot of things out there. As much as ‘it takes a village’ when you have children, I think now ‘it takes a village’ to have a child.”

In 2011, the 38-year-old married film producer Scott Stuber — but Sims was already thinking about the future long before then.

“I decided to freeze my eggs before I met Scott,” she shared in a 2016 video for her YouTube channel. “I went to see Dr. Shahin Ghadir at the Southern California Reproductive Center. The maternal clock all of a sudden just started happening.”

However, she ended up waiting until after she met Stuber to move forward with her plan.

“We ended up freezing [embryos] about nine months before we got married in September of 2011,” she added.

Today, Sims doesn’t regret being so open to fans about her journey in becoming a parent.

“I just think it’s really important to be there for women,” she explained. “I researched a lot, I worked with really good doctors, I learned a lot — and I wanted to share that information and I don’t want it to be some dirty little secret.”

Sims even tried IVF two times, but ultimately conceived naturally. She credited her no-nonsense approach to fertility for eliminating any pressure she may have felt.

“Honestly, I got pregnant on my honeymoon!” she said. “I think because we had froze, and because I had in the back of my mind a safety blanket — a safety net — I got pregnant,” she added. “We tried IVF twice with Scarlett. I was just about to do another round, and there you go, there was Scar!”


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“My jaw!!!” WE LOVE FAILS August 2017 | Funny Weekly Fail Compilation | Viral Candid Failure Montage

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