Horrified vacation couple watches their home get burgled via CCTV app


A horrified couple in the UK watched their home get burgled via a CCTV app while on vacation.

The BBC reports that Donna Marusamy was enjoying a weekend break on England’s south-west coast with her husband and children when she noticed movement in the family’s garden via the app.


The couple then watched in horror as a burglar entered the living room of their home in Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands, 120 miles away. The thief, who was wearing a hooded top, can be clearly seen roaming around the home looking for things to steal.

Marusamy alerted her brother-in-law and the thief fled when he arrived.


The burglar, however, made off with wedding rings belonging to Marusamy, her husband, and his father, as well as an Air-King Rolex, Indian gold jewelry and passports.

Marusamy said that she was “horrified, scared and helpless” as she watched the intruder in her home. The family cut short their weekend break and returned home, the BBC reported.


Earlier this year, a burglar in Ogden, Utah, was caught on camera rummaging through a woman’s belongings.


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Married couple, 28, arrested for public sex caught on tape at Wisconsin State Fair


A couple at the Wisconsin State Fair recently gave other fairgoers an unexpected show after they were having sex in the stands — an X-rated tryst that was captured on video.

The man and woman were caught in the throes of passion near a concession stand at the open air Coliseum inside State Fair Park, and a video was soon uploaded to Facebook.

The “appalling viral video” has since been removed and a Wisconsin State Fair spokeswoman told FOX6 that it was being investigated. The spokeswoman called the incident “inexcusable.”

“We’re here for a horse show or a dog show – not to make babies,” Morgan Hakenson told the TV station.

The suspected couple, later identified as Desiree Anderson, 28, and Robert Beasley, 28, were taken into custody Monday and the case has been referred to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office for potential criminal charges. The couple is married, The Smoking Gun reported.

The couple appeared to know they were being filmed during their public intercourse. At one point in the video, the man’s bare buttocks is exposed and he is seen waving at the camera.

“I wouldn’t think you’d see something like that here. This is for families – not that!” Dawn Major, a visitor to the fair, told FOX6. “There’s a place for that. Go home.”

The state fair, which opened last Thursday, runs until August 13.


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Holiday couple watch on CCTV app as Streetly home burgled


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Media captionA couple are helpless as they watch online as a burglar targets their home

A horrified couple watched a burglar break into their home on a CCTV app while they were on holiday 120 miles away.

Donna Marusamy, 37, was with her husband and children in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, when she had a notification that sensors had detected movement in their back garden in the West Midlands.

The couple looked on in horror as the burglar walked into their living room.

She alerted her brother-in-law and the thief fled when he arrived.

The head teacher, of Streetly, said: “I wish to god I hadn’t seen it unfold.”

Wedding rings belonging to her husband, Nathan, 45, and his father were taken along with an Air-King Rolex, Indian gold jewellery and passports at about 22:15 BST on Friday.

The footage on her mobile phone showed the burglar creep around the back garden, enter the house with a torch and roam around looking for things to steal.

Mrs Marusamy, who had just put her children to bed, said it “really ruined” their weekend break and they had to cut it short.

She said: “We thought it’s either a ghost or someone is in our garden.

“We zoomed in and I said ‘I think it is someone checking out our house’.

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Passports and jewellery were stolen during the raid

“He got in through our conservatory and removed the glass and put it to the side neatly.

“He then stepped inside, I was horrified, scared and helpless. My heart just went ‘no’. I just wanted to scream and shout but we were just totally speechless.”

She said her brother-in-law got there before police.

“He went on the driveway and shone a light through the house and the burglar then legged it.

“I thought I am splattering your face everywhere so I uploaded it to Facebook.”

Mrs Marusamy said her children now sleep in the same bed as her.

Kevin Pitt, police, engagement and consultation officer with West Midlands Police, said: “The offender has gained entry to the rear garden and then removed the beading from a window to enter the house.

“The house alarm sounded and the offender was disturbed.”


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Chris Pratt penned foreword for Anna Faris’ upcoming book before couple announced split


Chris Pratt wrote the foreword for his wife Anna Faris’ upcoming memoir before the Hollywood couple announced their split. 

The book, titled “Unqualified,” is described as a comic memoir that “will share Anna’s candid, sympathetic, and entertaining stories of love lost and won,” and slated for release on Oct. 24, according to E! News. The cover of the book shows Faris and wording at the bottom stating: “Foreword by Chris Pratt.”

The foreword’s text has not been released.

Pratt, 38, and Faris, 40, announced their separation Sunday on social media after more than eight years of marriage.


Pratt released a statement on Facebook stating: “We tried hard for a long time, and we’re really disappointed. Our son (Jack) has two parents who love him very much and for his sake we want to keep this situation as private as possible moving forward. We still have love for each other, will always cherish our time together and continue to have the deepest respect for one another.”

The “Mom” star recently dished about her marriage to Pratt in an interview with Live Happy magazine that took place in June for the magazine’s October issue. The issue is on newsstands now.  

“I recently visited Chris in London while he was shooting ‘Jurassic World 2,’ and he rented a boat that took us up and down the Thames,” Faris told Live Happy. “He had scones and it was wildly romantic. He’s constantly doing really romantic things like that which are so wonderful. But I also think that for us, our best date is an afternoon at our Washington home. Chris will put our crab pots out early in the morning, and later that day, we’ll eat fresh crab with a little butter and just look at the scenery.”


“I think that’s one of the many reasons we fit so well together,” Faris said. “We get each other because even though we met under the lights of Hollywood, we’re from the same place. We both know the same trees and smells and birds. It sounds corny, but those are things that ground us in everything outside of Hollywood.”


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Benchmark says Uber could be ‘comfortably’ worth over $100 billion in next couple of years


Uber investor Benchmark says the firm is confident about Uber, “Despite speculation to the contrary,” the firm wrote on Twitter today. In fact, Benchmark is “incredibly optimistic” about Uber’s future.

The firm went on to say Uber could be “comfortably” worth more than $100 billion in the next couple of years, according to its own analysis. Today, Uber is worth more than $60 billion.

“We have immense confidence in Uber’s 1000s of employees & are excited about what they will accomplish with the right new CEO,” the firm wrote.

Benchmark’s Bill Gurley reportedly played a big role in Travis Kalanick’s resignation as CEO. In June, Gurley left Uber’s board of directors and was replaced by Benchmark General Partner Matt Cohler.

Benchmark’s public support for Uber comes shortly after Uber co-founder and chairman Garrett Camp told employees Kalanick would not be returning as CEO of Uber.

Featured Image: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images


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British couple to marry in first Antarctic wedding


Julie Baum and Tom SylvesterImage copyright
Neil Spencer/BAS

Two polar guides are set to become the first couple to be officially married in British Antarctic Territory (BAT).

Tom Sylvester and Julie Baum will tie the knot at the Rothera Research Station on Adelaide Island to the west of the Antarctic Peninsula.

The ceremony will take place over the weekend and be performed by station leader and BAT magistrate Paul Samways.

Miss Baum said: “Getting married in Antarctica feels like it was meant to be. There is no better place.”

Image copyright
Pete Bucktrout/BAS

Image caption

The Rothera Research Station is situated on Adelaide Island to the west of the Antarctic Peninsula

The couple will not be holding out for good weather though, with temperatures well below freezing and very little daylight.

Mr Sylvester, from Sheffield, said: “Somebody suggested to me that we should get married in Antarctica and I dismissed it as something that wasn’t possible.

“But it turned out that Paul could do it as he’s a magistrate and then suddenly it became a possibility and I just jumped at the idea.”

He had been due to be stationed at the Halley IV research station but was drafted in to the team at Rotherha after the British Antarctic Survey closed Halley IV for the winter for safety reasons.

The couple, who have been together for 11 years, are among a team of about 20 people who maintain the station during the Antarctic winter.

They are experienced mountaineers and were selected to join the British Antarctic Survey in 2016 to manage deep-field science expeditions.

The wedding celebrations will include a champagne breakfast, short ceremony and a party with live music.

Mr Sylvester added: “We have always wanted to have a small personal wedding, but never imagined we’d be able to get married in one of the most remote places on Earth.”

His parents Barbara and Paul will not be at the wedding but said they were “absolutely thrilled”.

The marriage will be registered with the BAT Government and will be valid in the UK.


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