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How Do I Stop My Divorce? – Successful Marriage Tips and Advice on How to Heal Your Broken Marriage


In today's world of stress and hard relationships, getting advice and successful marriage tips can be your answer to the question of 'how do I stop my divorce?'

Many people stay so busy trying to work and take care of kids, that they lose sight of many of the things that they need for their relationship to truly flourish and grow. Without taking the time for each other and being active in helping each other cope, then tensions rise and the relationship suffers.

If you have ever asked 'how do I stop my divorce', then you've probably already experienced this. What you're in need of now, are some good successful marriage tips. By always taking the time to let your mate know how much you appreciate them, it goes a long way toward making the effort and pain of daily life worth it.

It's important to feel needed, but not to be so needy that you exhaust your partner. Always make it a team effort in all you tackle. Respect one others' feelings and opinions, even if you do not agree with them.

There are books, magazines, websites, and television stations, that offer successful marriage tips on a daily basis. If you want to know, 'how do I stop my divorce', then you have to take the time to step back, look at the situation, and accept some advice from people who have been there, and from people who have been trained in these areas. Swallow your pride, be willing to do whatever it takes to save your marriage, and it will grow to be stronger than before.


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How Angelina Jolie Ended Up as the Villain in Her Divorce From Brad Pitt


For half of 2016, we lived in a vastly different world: Lemonade was just the name of a drink, “receipts” were simply pieces of paper and Brangelina still existed.

Then the fairy-tale romance that had dominated pop culture for over a decade exploded right in front of our eyes.

I am talking, of course, about the incident that took place on a private jet carrying the picture-perfect Jolie-Pitt family from the south of France to Los Angeles on Sept. 14 last year. Thanks to an ensuing FBI investigation, we know something happened during that long transatlantic flight. No need to dance around it.

How Angelina Jolie Ended Up as the Villain in Her Divorce From Brad Pitt
How Angelina Jolie Ended Up as the Villain in Her Divorce From Brad Pitt

Twelve months later, the family that used to divide their time between a wine-producing chateau in Provence, rented homes in European cities, and a sprawling L.A. mansion now lead starkly different lives.

Brad is understandably going through a major midlife reinvention—except rather than buying a brand new convertible, he recently spent 21 days and nights working on a clay sculpture while listening to Frank Ocean and drinking matcha green tea with a “harlequin froth.” Perfectly normal behavior for a 53-year-old man, obviously. (And we’re still dying to see the finished product.)

Angelina’s life seems to be less transformed on the surface at least. Donning the same monochrome outfit and barely there makeup, her composure is as controlled as ever and she looks to be a carbon copy of the once happily domesticated woman we have grown to know. But while Brad has openly discussed the raw impact the sudden marital transition has had on him—telling GQ Style, “I get up every morning and I make a fire. When I go to bed, I make a fire, just because — it makes me feel life” (this guy seriously needs to go to Burning Man)—some of Angelina’s recent interviews have missed the mark at making her seem vulnerable and in touch with other single moms.

It’s going to take more than an anecdote about throw pillows in Vanity Fair to do that.

It’s clear, a year on, that Brad is winning the inevitable popularity war between the former Jolie-Pitts. His lead was almost guaranteed as soon as the DCFS and FBI investigations cleared him of any wrongdoing on that plane; once he got a standing ovation at the Golden Globes, it was game over. While Brad’s new-found eccentricity is seen as liberating, the marriage separation seems to have stripped Angelina of the untouchable status she enjoyed when they were together.

The same happened with Brad’s previous marriage, too. The aftermath saw tabloids labeling Jennifer Aniston as being cold and heartless for refusing to give Brad what he had apparently always wanted, a baby, thus forcing him into the arms of another woman. I never believed the dialogue at the time, especially considering the renovation plans for Brad and Jennifer’s extensive Beverly Hills home included a large nursery. Call me naïve, but I presumed that was because they were hoping for a human baby addition to the family, and not a canine sibling for Aniston’s then Welsh corgi terrier mix (#RIPNorman).

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As Brad and Angelina settled into new domestic bliss, the speed of which was giddying thanks to the adoption of Zahara just months later, newly single Brad became the patriarch in a family of four overnight. Then there was the addition of Shiloh and Pax and… the rest is history. They jetted to far away places and every new pap shot helped draw attention to refugee issues and social injustices. In the wake of their travels, an extraordinary twist of perception occurred: all the do-gooding wiped away any residual blame Brad might have received for the end of marriage No. 1 (not to mention the memories of Angelina’s blood vial necklace), and instead a halo-topped Brangelina rose from the ashes.

More than 10 years later, the script is playing out almost the same. Despite all Brad’s best efforts to take the burden of blame off his ex, admitting to GQ he spent their final years together drinking too much, for many he remains the hero of the story while Angelina continues to be identified as the instigator.

Just this week as she walked two red carpets in Toronto with her kids in tow, lots of people (including me) questioned if her decision to pose with her children was simply a way to deflect attention away from the embarrassment of her recent scuffle with Vanity Fair. (Last month she accused the magazine of misquoting her, a claim they vehemently denied).  The publication’s smack-down seemed to confirm what her harshest critics think they already know about Angelina, that she is not all that she seems.

But are any of us? Sure, Angelina is not perfect, but she is certainly not the villain in this story. I am not saying Brad is, either; I am actually a tad jealous of his new carefree lifestyle—don’t we all wish we could take a few weeks off to visit national parks and wallow in Frank Ocean lyrics?

Couples part all the time. But unfortunately for Angie, not only is she having to deal with the breakdown of her marriage but also the destruction of her almost perfect image. I’ve seen commenters on social media put her recent spate of negative press down to karma coming back to haunt her for Brad and Jen—but it takes two to tango. And their children certainly shouldn’t be at the receiving end of that twist of fate.

No matter what Angelina does, no matter how many quotes she gives about motherhood (whatever you might think about her as an estranged wife, you can’t deny she’s a natural with the kids), she can’t seem to catch a break. Unlike Drew Barrymore, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Garner, other women who have all gone through very public breakups with the father of their children, Angelina is not using social media to try to convince us she’s relatable and just like us. Instead she is part of an increasingly rare group of celebrities who still think they can control their own narrative via age-old methods like red carpet photo calls and glossy magazine covers. But in this new age of transparency, celebrity doesn’t work like that anymore; you can no longer tame the fame monster.

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Angelina’s struggle back up was always going to be harder than Brad’s because he will forever be the boy next door that the world grew up with. And let’s face it, when it comes to the residents of 90210, we can all be particularly misogynistic in our judgment of women when a marriage ends. Angelina is just our latest victim.


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How Stephanie March Found Happiness and Love Again After Health Scares and Her Rough Divorce From Bobby Flay


Stephanie March

Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Not that there’s ever a good time for a marriage to end, but the grief that accompanied the end of Stephanie March‘s marriage to Bobby Flaycame at a time when it was only adding insult to injury.

That particular rough patch that actually started more than four years ago, however, does make the news that March married tech investor Dan Benton at their home in New York on Friday, all the more charming.

“She was happy being single, but this is the next chapter,” a source told E! News about the couple’s then-burgeoning relationship in April 2016.

And that sure proved to be the truth for March, who closed the book on ex-husband Bobby Flay for good two years ago but still had an epic amount of negative energy to expel from her life. Throughout, she managed to pull that off with utmost grace, despite the icky circumstances she found hersel fin.

“It’s been quite a year,” the Law & Order: SVU actress and owner of Rouge Makeup Salon acknowledged to The New Potato in October 2015. Asked what sort of winter holiday season she had in mind for herself, she said, “My holiday is going to consist only of hugging everyone I love 1,000 times over, while holding a bottomless glass of champagne and stuffing my face with cheese biscuits. Life is short.”

And we hope she indulged in all the biscuits her heart desired. In 2014 she mentioned that she had undergone an emergency appendectomy in November 2013 after suffering a burst appendix, after which she had surgery to treat endometriosis that December. “I needed to give my body time to heal and be quiet,” she recalled in an interview for Physique 57’s blog, March being a devotee of the practice.

It wasn’t until last year, once the dust of her divorce had cleared away, that she revealed that she was really brought low by breast augmentation surgery she had in August 2014—and then almost instantly regretted. At the time, she recalled in an essay for Refinery 29, her marriage was already falling apart and she was grasping at straws to figure out how to fix, not just that, but everything.

“I was 39 years old, and my life was disintegrating,” she wrote. “Couldn’t get a job I wanted on camera, couldn’t get attention for my production projects, couldn’t travel the world far enough or fast enough or immerse myself in philanthropy enough to make it all go away. It was like watching a glacier cleave into giant chunks: massive and seemingly well beyond my control. See, the other thing that was happening was that my marriage of nearly 10 years (and 14 together) was falling apart.

“And nothing, nothing was helping me cope. Not therapy, not patience, not wine-soaked dinners with friends where I ‘got it all out.’ Great spidery cracks widened over time. Boom. Boom. Boom.”

Ultimately, “I decided to change my body because I couldn’t change my life. The previous health issues and surgeries had left their mark, and I was down about 15 pounds. Down and sad and tired. You know what doesn’t look so great when that happens? Your breasts.”

Stephanie March


Five weeks after surgery, she was admiring the results. But then, in October 2014, boom again. Her right implant got infected and the seams of the scar on that breast burst. That moment and the aftermath (“I had a hole in my breast for six weeks”) was as nightmarish as it sounds.

March later learned that she had suffered an extremely rare complication (and she hasn’t ruled out other forms of plastic surgery in the future), but by April 2015, she figured out she had no interest in keeping the implants.

By then, her marriage had “completely tanked.”

E! News learned on April 9, 2015, that March and Flay had been living apart “for months”—while also at the time, March’s mother, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, had moved in with her while she had treatment. (“Quite a year” may also have been the understatement of the year.)

On April 10, Flay filed for divorce.

Within days, as March would later recall, “it was all over the tabloids.”

First March reportedly rebuffed Flay’s check for $5,000 in monthly support. Page Six reported that Flay had been having an affair with an employee from his restaurant Bar Americain, but a friend of March’s told the paper that the celebrity chef did try to save his marriage, particularly when he surprised his wife by showing up in Amsterdam while she was on a trip with friends over the holidays.

Bobby Flay, Stephanie March

Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

“He did a Hail Mary and asked her to please try to work on their marriage,” Maia Madison, a friend of March’s, told Page Six. “Because she loves him, she said OK, and they went to a therapist and tried to work through their problems.” A source told E! News that March “tried everything she could do to save the marriage.”

Flay’s rep said in a statement in response to the cheating allegations: “We will continue to refrain from responding to the continued efforts by certain parties to spread rumors and innuendo. This specific allegation was in a letter sent from one attorney in this case to the other. It was written and then leaked specifically to try to insert this story into the press, and that’s unfortunate. Even more unfortunate is that all of this is being done in order to renegotiate a prenuptial agreement that was agreed to over a decade ago and never amended during the marriage.”

While they were hammering out the details that spring, March argued in court documents that the $5,000 a month wouldn’t cut it, as she had cut back on work due to her various health issues, citing the appendectomy and several infections. Per TMZ in May 2015, Flay then pointedly told the judge that his estranged wife’s infections were actually due to a voluntary breast augmentation.

Their prenup did stipulate monthly support payments of $5,000, but March maintained that she was key to helping Flay build his culinary empire, which includes multiple restaurants, cookware and a variety of shows on Food Network—and therefore was entitled to more.

Their divorce would be finalized by July 2015, but the ill will in the air lingered. The Daily Mail reported that Flay got to keep both their Manhattan residence, where March had been living with her mom, and their house in the Hamptons.

Meanwhile, you would have never known by looking at March’s Instagram that she was living anything other than her best life. Which isn’t that unusual, considering how social media is often used to paint a glossy picture of things, but nonetheless it still served as evidence that March was doing her damndest to rebound from a downright crappy couple of years.

She traveled, exercised, ate fabulous food, spent time with her family and friends, focused on causes close to her heart such as Planned Parenthood and OneKid OneWorld…

And by the time she opened up about her hellish year, she had gained perspective.

“Business is good, I have great friends, I love my new place, it’s really a good time in my life,” she told Extra in November 2015, her first time saying anything at length about her divorce.

March admitted it hadn’t been easy seeing so many tabloid headlines about her life all of a sudden, but she was hardly alone. “I am by no means the only person to ever go through this and I’m very cognitive of that,” she said, “and I have a wonderful support network of really good friends and really good family so I don’t spend a lot of time feeling sorry for myself about it.”

“It’s not pleasant to see your private life out there,” she continued, “but, you know, I consider myself pretty lucky.” And March kept her sense of humor.

“I thought I would have to learn to cook, ’cause I’m not really a very good cook,” she said, “and I thought, ‘I’m gonna have to pick up a few tricks,’ but as it turns out I go out a lot, so looks like I don’t have to… My toast is amazing… my cereal is incredible.”

Dan Benton, Stephanie March via AP Images

Well, Dan Benton must be a breakfast fan!

Though she remained mum at the time, March had started dating the founder of Andor Capital in October 2015 after meeting through mutual friends. “They met for cocktails at the West Village bar Orient Express and had dinner afterwards,” a friend explained to People, which first reported the nuptial news. “But their first real date was a TED Talk, after which they talked for four hours.”

They made their red carpet debut as a couple at the Inaugural Whitney Collection Award gala in April 2016. That June March revealed in her Refinery 29 essay that her mom, Laura Derby, had finished cancer treatment and her scans looked good. And in October, Benton was there when March was presented with the 2016 Board of Governors Award from World of Children.

He proposed on July 24, the day after she turned 43, while they were vacationing in Greece.

Dan Benton, Stephanie March

According to People, the bride wore Dolce & Gabbana and walked down the aisle to the Star Wars theme, played by March’s best friend on her grandma’s piano, which the couple have at their home in Katonah, N.Y., where the ceremony and lunch reception took place.

“She and Dan were surrounded by a close knit group of people who love, support and adore them,” March’s Rough co-founder Rebecca Perkins told the magazine. “Stephanie’s family friend designed the magnificent floral arrangements, I did her makeup, and her best friend played her grandmother’s piano as Stephanie walked down the aisle… It was an absolutely picture-perfect ceremony.”

Cheers to new beginnings.

Don’t miss E! News every weekday at 7 and 11 p.m.


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The Kim Kardashian Fairytale Divorce Special on E! – SNL

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‘Divorce bill’ row frustrates Brexit talks


Media playback is unsupported on your device

Media captionMichel Barnier, EU’s chief Brexit negotiator: UK’s requests are “simply impossible”

Both the UK and EU have expressed frustration at the pace of Brexit talks amid disagreement over the size of the UK’s “divorce bill”.

EU negotiator Michel Barnier said the UK did not feel “legally obliged to honour its obligations” after Brexit.

He said “no decisive progress” had been made on key issues, following the third round of talks.

But Brexit Secretary David Davis said the UK had a “duty to our taxpayers” to “rigorously” examine the EU’s demands.

And he urged the EU to be “more imaginative and flexible” in its approach.

‘Impatient, not angry’

During a joint press conference, Mr Barnier acknowledged there had been some “fruitful” discussions on the issues surrounding the relationship between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, but he struck a pessimistic tone overall.

He stressed that he was “impatient… I am not angry… I am impatient and determined” about the progress of negotiations, adding that “time is flying” and the EU was willing to intensify the “rhythm” of talks.

Analysis by BBC Europe Correspondent Kevin Connolly

Behind their polished podium performances, it’s clear there are major gaps between the stance of Michel Barnier and David Davis which are not being bridged.

Money is the big sticking point of course, although the phraseology around the issue is a little more elegant than that, and the language at these moments can give you a real feel for the underlying atmosphere.

Mr Barnier says that after this week “it’s clear that the UK doesn’t feel legally obliged to honour its obligations”.

Mr Davis claims it’s natural that the UK would want to “interrogate rigorously” any demand placed on its taxpayers. But he is also careful to note that Britain is a country that meets its obligations – moral as well as legal; it just expects them to be properly specified.

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Media playback is unsupported on your device

Media captionDavid Davis, Brexit secretary: “I think it’s fair to say we’ve seen some concrete progress”

The UK wants to begin trade talks as soon as possible, but Brussels insists that discussions about the future relationship after Brexit can only begin once “sufficient progress” has been made on the arrangements for withdrawal – including on the so-called “divorce fee”.

Mr Barnier said that at the current rate of progress, he was quite far from being able to recommend opening parallel talks on a future trade relationship with the UK.

He cited two areas where “trust” needed to be built between the two sides – on citizens’ rights and the financial settlement, stressing that 27 members of the bloc should not have to pay for obligations taken by 28.

Claiming there had been a shift in the UK government’s approach, he said: “In July the UK recognised that it has obligations beyond the Brexit date but this week the UK explained that these obligations will be limited to the last payment to the EU project before departure.”

No figure has yet been put on the payment, but European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has suggested it could come in at around 60 billion euro (£55bn), while unconfirmed reports have put it as high as 100 billion euro (£92bn).

‘Difficult exchanges’

Mr Davis defended the “rigorous” line-by-line examination of the EU’s demands carried out by British officials in response to the “unspecified but undoubtedly large” sum demanded by Brussels.

He added: “It will, of course, lead to difficult exchanges – nobody will pretend it was anything but a tough exchange this week – but I think the British taxpayer would expect nothing less.”

Image copyright

Image caption

Former Labour PM Tony Blair was also in Brussels for talks with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker

Mr Davis also told reporters the talks had exposed how the UK approach was “substantially more flexible and pragmatic than that of the EU”.

“This week we have had long and detailed discussions across multiple areas and I think it’s fair to say we have seen some concrete progress, and Michel referred to one but there’s more than that,” he said.

“However, as I said at the start of the week, it’s only through flexibility and imagination that we will achieve a deal that works truly for both sides.

“In some areas we have found this from the [European] Commission’s side, which I welcome, but there remains some way to go.”

He added: “Beyond the debates about process and technicalities, at the heart of this process, must be a desire to deliver the best outcome for the people and the businesses of the European Union and the United Kingdom,” he added – particularly on citizens’ rights.


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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s Divorce Has ‘Bonded’ Older Sons Pax & Maddox

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