Once Upon a Time Delivers a Huge Twist That Will Definitely Please Hook and Emma Fans


And they lived happily ever after! (Warning, spoilers  ahead for Once Upon a Time’s Oct. 12 episode. Do not continue reading if you don’t want to be spoiled!)

Though Jennifer Morrison left Once Upon a Time last season, Emma Swan returned in the rebooted seventh season’s second episode, and fans were definitely not disappointed. Why? Because she’s pregnant. With Hook’s (Colin O’Donoghue) baby! And they say fairy tale dreams don’t come true. 

The other major twist? The Hook we met in last week’s premiere, the cop in Hyperion Heights who is under the latest curse, is not OUR Hook. So yes, Hook and Emma fans, your fan-favorite couple is happy together, and we still get to see Hook’s handsome face on the show each week in the form of Detective Rogers. Win-win!

“I was really happy that they got their happy ending, to be honest,” O’Donoghue told Entertainment Weekly of the big reveal. “It had been such a long journey for those two characters, and such a difficult journey that I was glad to see that, in the end, they get their happy ending, because that was the whole point of the musical episode, and the big number with a happy beginning right before the Black Fairy’s curse hit. For me, I think it was the right way to go for those two characters.”

He continued to praise the twist, saying, “It’s a very clever way of making sure the Captain Swan fans…get their happy ending after going on such a big journey with them for the last few seasons. I think it’s a clever way of us being able to move on with a new version of Hook.”

Co-creator Eddy Kitsis also spoke out about the Captain Swan happy ending, telling TVLine, “This was really the next step in the relationship between them. They’re a newly married couple and it’s the cycle of life. The audience was worried we’d kill Emma or do something crazy, but the truth is they’re living their lives in Storybrooke, happy.

What did you think of OUAT‘s huge reveal? Are you excited to see Hook and Emma as parents? Sound off in the comments!

OUAT airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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Nick Gordon Off the Hook in Alleged Girlfriend Beating


Nick Gordon

Off the Hook in GF Beating Case

8/25/2017 8:45 AM PDT

Breaking News

Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s former boyfriend, Nick Gordon, is walking away clean from his domestic violence arrest.

Prosecutors in Florida say they dropped all the charges because his girlfriend was no longer cooperating with investigators, and made it clear she did not want him prosecuted.

She was the only witness, so without her prosecutors felt there was no chance of convicting Gordon.

TMZ broke the story … Gordon was arrested in June for domestic violence. His girlfriend initially told police Nick punched her during an argument following a night out at a bar. We obtained photos of her alleged injuries.

The arrest also caught the attention of police in Georgia … who are still investigating Gordon in connection with Bobbi Kristina’s death.


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Mariah Carey Dropping New Hook for French Montana’s ‘Unforgettable’


Mariah Carey

I’m Making French’s Hook ‘Unforgettable’

8/23/2017 5:59 PM PDT


French Montana‘s hit, “Unforgettable,” is about to be just that — or even more so — now that Mariah Carey is adding her vocals to a remix.

TMZ got this clip of the new version, which drops Thursday morning, and Mimi’s taking over the hook. She drops the lines, “It’s not good enough for me since I been with you. It’s not gonna work for you. Nobody can equal me … I know.”

Almost like it was written for her in the first place … right?

Swae Lee did it on the original, and he’s still on it too … just mixed with Mariah’s smooth vocals.


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WWE’s Paige Off the Hook In Domestic Violence Case


WWE’s Paige

Off the Hook In Dom. Violence Case

8/22/2017 10:44 AM PDT

Exclusive Details

WWE superstar Paige will NOT be hit with domestic violence charges stemming from an airport altercation with Alberto Del Rio … officials tell TMZ Sports

As we previously reported, Alberto was initially investigated after Paige screamed at him in the middle of Orlando International Airport last month. 

Paige later admitted she was the aggressor and had thrown a drink at Alberto during the altercation. The Orlando PD later recommended Paige be criminally charged for the incident. 

But now, a rep for the 9th Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Office tells TMZ Sports the case is officially closed — because the victim (Alberto) did not want to move forward with charges. 

Alberto will not be charged with a crime either. 

Paige and Alberto appear to still be dating — Paige chalked the whole thing up to being in an emotional state because she had just learned her uncle had become very sick. 


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NFL’s Tramaine Brock Off the Hook In Domestic Violence Case


NFL’s Tramaine Brock

Off the Hook

In Dom. Violence Case

8/9/2017 9:02 AM PDT

Breaking News

Prosecutors have dropped the domestic violence case against ex-San Francisco 49ers cornerback Tramaine Brock after the alleged victim stopped cooperating with investigators, TMZ Sports has learned. 

Brock was arrested in Santa Clara, CA back in April after he allegedly roughed up a girl he was dating. When cops arrived to the scene, the woman had visible injuries but Brock was not there. 

He later turned himself in to police. 

But now, the Santa Clara D.A.’s office says the case has been dismissed due to insufficient evidence — “The victim declined to cooperate.” 

Brock was cut by the 49ers shortly after the arrest. He’s currently a free agent — and with his talent level, expect a team to swoop in pretty quickly. 


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Browns WR Corey Coleman Off the Hook In Apartment Brawl Case


Browns WR Corey Coleman

Off the Hook In Apt. Brawl Case

8/8/2017 2:52 PM PDT

Breaking News

Good news for Cleveland Browns wideout Corey Coleman — prosecutors will NOT press charges against him over a New Year’s Eve brawl at a Cleveland apartment complex. 

The bad news … his brother was charged with felony assault. 

As we previously reported, Coleman was initially accused of participating in a violent 10-person brawl in front of an elevator inside the apt. complex. 

Investigators collected DNA evidence in an effort to identify the assailants — and now the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office says there was no DNA linked to Corey. 

As a result, no charges will be brought against the 23-year-old, who was a 1st round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. 

As for his brother, Jonathan Coleman, officials say he and another man, Jared Floyd, will be charged with 2nd degree assault. Both were released on a $10,000 personal bond. 

They’re due back in court August 14. 


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