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Can You Convince People These Are Real?



Being a rascal can be fun when the results are mostly harmless. I really recommend it. I once spent the better part of a month trying to convince people that drywall was invented by former president Grover Cleveland. That was a blast. And surprisingly easy. I think people believed me because, like, who would go to the trouble of making that up? Well, I’ll tell you who: Me. I love it. Someday I hope to convince someone that I’ve never heard of The Beatles. They’ll get all red-faced and angry and say “The Beatles! You know, Paul McCartney,” and then I will summon all the strength in my body to keep a straight face while I reply, “Wait… the guy from Wings?” It’s good to have dreams.

Point being: If you are like me, here’s a fun game you can play. Below, I’ve listed five made-up television shows. See if you can convince people they’re real. Some of them are pretty easy sells (as I have indicated by their assigned degrees of difficulty), especially in a world where there are currently 20,000 shows on 900 channels. Others, less so. You’ll see what I mean.

Good luck, my fellow rascals, with the Peak TV Fake Show Challenge.


Degree of difficulty: 2.8

What it is, allegedly: A Hulu series starring David Schwimmer as the freshly divorced owner of a struggling family-operated business that rents out beach equipment in mob-infested Daytona Beach.

Bonus points if: You can convince people it is in its fourth season and that David Schwimmer’s character is named “Dale Sunbather.”

Sample conversation:

YOU: Hey, do you watch Sunbathers?

THE MARK: What’s Sunbathers?

YOU: Oh man, it’s this show on Hulu about David Schwimmer renting beach chairs to tourists in a mob-run town in Florida. It’s wild.

THE MARK: Oh wow, I’ve never heard of that.

YOU: Yeah, Hulu’s done a weird job of promoting it.

THE MARK: Huh. I remember the same thing happened with that James Franco show about the JFK assassination.

YOU: Exactly.


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Kyrie Irving Is Happy To Be In A ‘Real’ Sports City, Not Cleveland


Getty Image

Kyrie Irving is very happy to be in Boston. After requesting a trade from the Cavaliers earlier this summer, the All-Star point guard landed in about as good a position as he could have hoped when he asked Cleveland to deal him.

The Celtics are a playoff team with two auxiliary stars around him in Gordon Hayward and Al Horford, which means he doesn’t have to start over when it comes to competing. Boston earned the East’s top seed a year ago, and with their new trio on board, the Celtics have their eyes on the Finals and toppling LeBron James and the Cavs for the first time in nearly a decade.

Beyond the on court reasoning for Kyrie being happy, he also seems to genuinely enjoy being in the city of Boston rather than Cleveland. With the Celtics set to open their season back in Cleveland, one would think Irving would probably avoid saying anything inflammatory about the city where he started career, but in his excitement about being in Boston, he just can’t help but compare the two.


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