Once Upon a Time Delivers a Huge Twist That Will Definitely Please Hook and Emma Fans


And they lived happily ever after! (Warning, spoilers  ahead for Once Upon a Time’s Oct. 12 episode. Do not continue reading if you don’t want to be spoiled!)

Though Jennifer Morrison left Once Upon a Time last season, Emma Swan returned in the rebooted seventh season’s second episode, and fans were definitely not disappointed. Why? Because she’s pregnant. With Hook’s (Colin O’Donoghue) baby! And they say fairy tale dreams don’t come true. 

The other major twist? The Hook we met in last week’s premiere, the cop in Hyperion Heights who is under the latest curse, is not OUR Hook. So yes, Hook and Emma fans, your fan-favorite couple is happy together, and we still get to see Hook’s handsome face on the show each week in the form of Detective Rogers. Win-win!

“I was really happy that they got their happy ending, to be honest,” O’Donoghue told Entertainment Weekly of the big reveal. “It had been such a long journey for those two characters, and such a difficult journey that I was glad to see that, in the end, they get their happy ending, because that was the whole point of the musical episode, and the big number with a happy beginning right before the Black Fairy’s curse hit. For me, I think it was the right way to go for those two characters.”

He continued to praise the twist, saying, “It’s a very clever way of making sure the Captain Swan fans…get their happy ending after going on such a big journey with them for the last few seasons. I think it’s a clever way of us being able to move on with a new version of Hook.”

Co-creator Eddy Kitsis also spoke out about the Captain Swan happy ending, telling TVLine, “This was really the next step in the relationship between them. They’re a newly married couple and it’s the cycle of life. The audience was worried we’d kill Emma or do something crazy, but the truth is they’re living their lives in Storybrooke, happy.

What did you think of OUAT‘s huge reveal? Are you excited to see Hook and Emma as parents? Sound off in the comments!

OUAT airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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Hyundai Shopper Assurance is car buying with a modern twist


Nobody really likes buying a car, unless you’re the sort of person who hops into Excel or gets into arguments just for the fun of it. For the rest of us, though, it can get laborious, but Hyundai wants to change that.

Hyundai on Tuesday announced its new Shopper Assurance program, which aims to streamline the buying process and give it a dose of modernity. It will focus on four key areas: pricing, test-drives, the purchase process and a money-back guarantee.

Yes, it even applies to the slightly sporty models.

Chris Paukert/Roadshow

When it comes to pricing, Hyundai wants to make sure every customer gets every incentive possible. Thus, dealers participating in Shopper Assurance will post the fair-market price — MSRP minus incentives and dealer discounts — on their websites, so customers can start off with a better negotiation position. Amy Wong will probably appreciate that.

As for test drives, Hyundai wants to take them out of the dealer’s general vicinity. Customers can opt for a test drive wherever they want, whether it’s at a coffee shop or the roads around one’s own home. Customers can ring the dealer or use Hyundai’s custom app to set the date and time for said test drive.

Usually, purchasing a car involves a lot of paperwork. Shopper Assurance is no different, but it allows buyers to complete most of that signing online, including credit approvals and finance approval. As someone who largely e-signed during the mortgage approval process, I can attest it saves a bunch of time otherwise spent in some dreary office.

Finally, there’s the money-back guarantee. If for some reason a buyer is unhappy with the purchase, they have a three-day window to return the car for a full refund, pending dealer inspection and provided the car has accrued less than 300 miles by that time.

Shopper Assurance applies to every Hyundai vehicle. It will launch this year in Miami, Orlando, Dallas and Houston, eventually rolling out to all Hyundai dealers in 2018.


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You’ll Want to Twist the Big Knob on the New Logitech Craft Keyboard


Here’s something creative types will be eager to take for a spin: Logitech’s newest keyboard, which has a wheel on it.

The Logitech Craft is a sturdy and comfortable wireless keyboard for Mac and Windows that has a wheel in the upper-left corner, just above the escape key. This wheel—or the “Crown input dial,” as the company calls it—works straight out of the box with Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps and (only on Windows PCs) Microsoft’s suite of Office apps. By pressing or spinning the wheel, you can adjust an image’s brightness in Photoshop, change stroke width in Illustrator, or zip through your timeline in Premiere. Taps and twists of the Crown can also replace keyboard shortcuts for OS-level tasks like switching desktops or alt-tabbing between open apps.

The keyboard ships in October for $200. The controls for Adobe and Microsoft apps are all you get at first; native support for other apps will be added after launch. Just like some of Logitech’s other high-end keyboards, the Craft can also be programmed to work with multiple devices, so you can jump between different computers—and even a phone or iPad—by tapping one of the input-switcher keys in the top row.

Wheels as input devices, though still esoteric, have a long history. Power users will not soon forget Griffin’s puck-like PowerMate, now old enough to drive, which can be programmed to scroll, zoom, or click within any macOS app. Similar in concept though much larger is Microsoft’s Dial for Surface Studio, a wheel that works as a color picker, brush switcher, and zoom tool within Windows’s premiere creative apps. The Dial is probably the closest in spirit to Logitech’s spinner, since it performs only basic functions most of the time and only comes to life inside a creative app. While Logitech isn’t the first company to graft an input wheel directly onto a keyboard—one notable ancestor is the Das Keyboard 4—most of those wheels were just for scrolling through web pages or changing the volume of your Hendrix bootlegs. The Crown does much more.

The Craft is capable enough as a keyboard, though the typing experience doesn’t come close to a mechanical keyboard with fancy switches beneath the keys. The Craft’s keys are square with circular depressions, and offer just slightly more travel than a laptop keyboard. Presses are a bit squishy, but unless you’re a stickler for key travel, typing is just fine. The chunky aluminum knob, however, feels tremendous. There’s enough heft and friction in each twist to make app-switching feel pleasurably determined. I could spin it all day.


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3 Retro-Style Gadgets with a High-Tech Twist

These days we listen to music, take pictures and write using our smartphones. But remember when you needed three different tools to do that? Bradley …


Watch: Kriti Sanon does the ‘twist kamariya’ to celebrate ‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’ successful release | Hindi Movie News


Straight after walking the runway at the Lakme Fashion Week – day five, quintessential actress Kriti Sanon spoke to TimesofIndia.com about her delight post the successful release of her rom-com ‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’.

“I am overwhelmed and I am really happy that ‘Bareilly Ki Barf’i is being liked by the critics as well as the normal audience. I think the janta response has been very good as I have been constantly watching videos and checking their response,” she shared.

When asked if she really reads the reactions on social media, here’s what she said, “I have been reading each and every tweet. I feel it’s a very sweet, fun and a special film made for the entire family and that’s the purpose which is being achieved because the whole family is going there to watch a nice fun film so it makes me very happy.”

A special number titled ‘Twist Kamariya’ from the Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari helmed film has become a trend. Speaking about the same Kriti showed us how to get the move right as she quipped, “I have seen so many people doing it, I have seen RJs also twisting their kamariya. It’s a lot of fun. Some people are doing it better than me also so kudos to them.”

‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’ is running successfully in theatres near you.


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