Woman Buys First Bikini at 31, Shares Selfie to Prove Every Body Is Bikini-Ready

Krystal Gordon shares her first-ever bikini selfie. (Photo: Krystal Gordon Inspiring Wellness via Facebook)

A mom shares her first-ever bikini selfie, and the Internet can’t get enough of it. 

If the thought of sharing a bikini selfie on social media makes you want to dive behind the nearest sand dune, then you’ll likely appreciate the magnitude of one mom’s recent post to Facebook.

Krystal Gordon, a 31-year-old blogger, had never worn a bikini. Until recently, she had never even owned one. Feeling self-conscious about her body, Gordon had never had the courage to bare all in a bikini — until now.

Taking to her Facebook page, Krystal shared an image of herself in her first-ever two-piece and included an empowering message encouraging other women to love themselves and their bodies. And it turns out, the Internet can’t get enough of it.

“Omg, I just bought a bikini!!! What the heck? Lol,” she wrote. “I also just took and shared a front on photo of me without my clothes on – double what the heck!?

“Loving thy self baby. Embracing it all. Being proud of my progress. Accepting me for who I am right now even if it isn’t where I want to be.”

Photo: Krystal Gordon - Inspiring Wellness via Facebook

Gordon, who blogs about her health and well-being, went on to say that it had taken a lot of courage to share the snap, but that she wanted people to know that if she could do it, anyone could.

“Now don’t get me wrong, sharing this isn’t easy by any means – every bit of me is going ‘holy s*** Krystal, what are you doing!?’” she wrote. “But if I can happily accept and celebrate everyone else’s body I sure as hell deserve the same love from myself ;)”

Krystal said her goal was to wear her bikini in public before going on to share an inspiring message to others to remember that all bodies are bikini bodies.

“I WILL get there. It WILL happen,” she wrote. “You don’t need a certain type of body to have a bikini body – you just need to put a bikini on!”

Krystal’s first-ever bikini selfie has received countless comments from people praising her body positive message.

“OMG you have made my day beautiful girl!! You look amazing and now you have inspired me to ‘just do it,’” one woman wrote.

“This is so inspiring to everyone !! You rock that thing girl,” added another.

Photo: Krystal Gordon - Inspiring Wellness via Facebook

Krystal later thanked those who left comments for their incredible support.

“You guys!!! Ya’ll have made me cry,” she wrote. “You have no idea what your messages have meant to me – thank you. Big love to you all.”

Speaking to NewsMail, the mother of one, who has battled weight issues most of her life, said that she hopes her message will help make others think twice about criticizing their own body flaws.

“That moment of vulnerability was totally worth it because it made someone else think about loving themselves,” she said.

Now, instead of focusing on her appearance, Krystal tries to focus on one body part she is grateful for.

“Up until the start of this year, it was always about weight loss, and even up to a couple of months ago, I thought the key to being who I wanted to be was losing weight, getting fit, and being positive,” she said.

“I deserve to love, accept, and appreciate myself today, the way I am. This journey that I’m on is nothing to do with weight loss. It’s about being healthy and happy, and that comes from within.”

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