The Egyptian-born cab driver suspected in the 2008 “honor killing” of his two daughters in Texas because they were dating non-Muslim boys may be working at his old trade in New York, according to a private investigator who has tracked him.
Yaser Said fled his Dallas-area home after allegedly shooting daughters Amina, 18, and Sarah Said, 17, on New Year’s Day in 2008 and is now on the FBI’s list of most-wanted fugitives. Although he took his Egyptian passport and $9,000 when he bolted, Bill Warner, a private detective who has worked for Said’s sister-in-law, believes he never made it out of the country. With family ties to New York and a large community of his countrymen to blend into, Warner says the odds are good the suspected killer is behind the wheel of a car for hire in the Big Apple

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/05/29/alleged-honor-killing-suspect-yaser-said-could-be-hiding-in-plain-sight-as-new/#ixzz1ynPBAoM9


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  1. This case is very personal to me, because I also make a living as a cabbie. These girls did not deserve to die. I'm calling on all my fellow cabbies worldwide to turn this guy in. Two families in Texas, and possibly one in Egypt, need some justice!

  2. This is sooo sad. Dame the mother.You should go to jail.I dont feel sorry for you at all.And I hope Yaser brother dose the right thing and turns him in.You need too. Bless them sweet girls.RIP my dear angels.

  3. PS: I think it would be a great thing to have lottery tickets sold in every state, taking all of the money made as a large reward in capturing these Honor killing parents. If we have them in jail then millions could also be used in getting the same thing done to them, they did to their daughters!! Money can great in getting the right results. I think also it's important to let Muslims and any other murderous religions know before they even come into the United States or any western country, we do not live or rule by religion or fanatical influence. Women and children are equal to men and have the same rights. Men are not masters here and laws of the people, rule our lands. Not the Archaic laws of Sharia, biblical, or anything besides the equal laws of our lands for all…

  4. First of all, before I comment on the scum and dirt this man and his entire family are, I must say a couple of things.. How dare this man and his family come to the United States with their multi-sided hypocrisy where they pick and choose which part of Muslim law they want to live their lives abiding by!!! It's and insult to every Muslim and family who does follow the Koran. These are not followers of Mohammad, the Koran, nor Muslim law. (Which by the way, we in America and the west, separated church and state hundreds of years ago. If that's the way you want to live, stay in the Middle East, nobody else wants you. We believe in freedom, life and liberty for all people. Not just men or tyrants who are so afraid of losing their false control through Evil beliefs by archaic very wrong clerics) This scum Said came to the United States and at his age of 30, found and married a 15 year old girl, and American Christian girl.. He chose to live in America under our laws,, as did his entire loser family I might add. I'm going to say it again, if you come to America, to live, this is a Democracy for all people. Not just control freak men!! You are not Muslims, you hide behind this shield you've built for yourselves using what they seem to get away with in those archaic countries. Do the right thing I'm pleading with the family who knows where this murderous piece of pure evil scum is, please… If you're a female yourself in this mess of a family of his or his relatives, you might be next.. You owe justice to these poor girls he murdered who did nothing wrong. It's these old outdated men who need to be gone and this tyranny in all these countries to be stopped. These are terrorists and this terror needs to end as we are not a pre-biblical society anymore. God gave us the brains and strength to leap forward.. I believe this man should get the Death Penalty as it was written for this kind of cruelty he imposed on his daughters.. I'm not sure yet of the girls mother. She plays a large role in their death also. They were safe and she brought them back, knowing he would likely kill them.. But definitely life in prison. Saids brothers should also be punished for hiding and aiding a murderer, then deported losing everything they gained here.. This is my opinion.. It should never have been allowed to get as far as it did. People around them had to know the dangers these girls were in….

  5. Yaser and wife should die. Come in to our country to preach his religion to his kids no way. This is America. And kills them. Poor girls. He has a cell phone, maybe they know where he lives. They always ask for information. ( phone company)

  6. This beast who committed double infanticide is on the FBI top ten most wanted list and to this day the world's mightiest police organization has not looked into his three brothers??? If he were really that important a fugitive, I would have bugged the brothers' houses, cars, taxis- everything. I would have tracked their cellphones and put constant surveillance at least on that S.O.B. who lives in Westchester. Just to rattle his anti-semitic nerves, if nothing else. And to think that the three brothers unanimously applauded the execution of the "two whores" … in 21 Century America! What bastards!
    As for the mother – having seen her on YT, I think that her IQ is below moron level. To think that she made a U turn, once the three of them were already some 600 miles away and delivered them to their executioner… aaaaaarrgh.

  7. If a married Muslim couple wants to follow the Muslin Karon then don't bring your daughters or son's who come here to change their lives & be as American teens, twenty somethings! Are they that stupid that they don't understand we in USA are for the most part not muslim? Especially young people who are doing nothing wrong but wanting to be the same as their USA friends!!!! It is 2015 & according to the beliefs of Muslim men, some psychopath's as we can see, it's ok for them to fuck many women? But the Muslim women , teen daughters, its ookkeeyyy ddoookkkeeyyy to kill any or àll of tjem for showing their faces, for speaking to someone, doesn't have to be a man, Us woman will do? Then our US soilders disagree with inhumane treatment of women and burn a copy of Koran? Muslims want that US soilder so they can behead him?? Not in a million years!!! He is a marine sniper if memory serves me! If you want a new life in the USA that's what you will get, but leave the Koran back home and your stagnent beleifs about abusing women at any age! The same goes for Mom who knows no other way, if not willing to change, don't come, save a daughters life or two!!!! Ya all take care now

  8. He followed the Iman's and Muslim Koran.  Don't you just want to see Sharia Law all over our country.  Wake up people. Just think you have a president who appointed a woman on the Supreme Court who supports Sharia Law.

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